Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Greetings and Salutations...

Dearest Minions, I have so many followers now that I officially need a blog. Don't worry you will still get the daily Lucy Furr email updates if you so desire (and you know you do). But this will act as my own personal diary...please don't tell my mom. She gets super pissed when I try to take over the world. Pssst...did you hear about New Mexico? HAHAHA...bunch of idiots never knew what hit 'em...thanks Phil...I mean "Basement Cat" for all your help and planning for this hostile takeover. New Mexico---the land of "enCATment" muhahhhhh I don't want to spoil any upcoming plans...but there's a tiny little state that's going to canine free very very soon....I'll give you one small clue (get it? small) its the "ocean state" Carry on sweet sweet minions.

Lucy Furr
p.s. this is meeee at my catquarters in Arizona...I get my own lap top...You'll notice the bag of gold-fish crackers...these are my absolute faves. delish...and never mind the gerbil cage...I will be eating Edward and Jamie very soon...I've just been fattening them up this past year (yeah...yeah)

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